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luke ouko on main advantages of outsourcing

luke ouko on main advantages of outsourcing Outsourcing is the process of handing out departmental or specialized non-core functions of a business to external firms or subsidiaries that are best able to manage those processes. According to Karani Nyamu, the CEO of Verve ko, a leading outsourcing and consulting firm, there are both financial and

luke ouko on developing a monitoring and evaluation plan

luke ouko on developing a monitoring and evaluation plan is a guiding tool to enable you figures out what should be evaluated and what you will need to be able to carry out that evaluation. It enables you to outline and the craft the evaluation questions, the processes and scope involved in monitoring and evaluation.

luke ouko workplace safety training

luke ouko workplace safety training entails work-related pursuits occupies a significant chunk of how we spend our time and daily life. Market consultant at Verve KO Ltd Mr. Karani Nyamu says, most people spend an average of 50 hours a week in the office with some doing as much as 80 hours within the workplace

luke ouko hard work or talent

luke ouko hard work or talent The eternal debate between talent and hard work has always spawned various kinds of perspectives. Key among them is that you have to have a potent combination of both to actually succeed. Taken singularly, talent can display day to day flashes of brilliance, but it takes hard work to

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru is one of the most brilliant and articulate leaders in systems thinking. The field of IT and systems development is a fairly new phenomenon in Africa in general and Kenya in particular.  What makes it competitive and interesting is the robust growth that the fields have encountered in recent years.

luke ouko Achieving great content

We all come across blogs, videos, books, or audio recording that seem to deliver great advice of instructions to us. luke ouko Achieving great content for regular of future use is paramount to our success as individuals or teams. Verve KO Ltd, a record management company in Kenya cations that it’s not enough to have amazing

luke ouko the Business consultant

The term consultant is used too often. Luke ouko the Business consultant has the skills and abilities to execute proper and profitable consulting work. Consultancy is a skill-based function that demands certain skills from the person seeking to undertake it. These are the key skills and competencies that mark a good consultant.  Luke ouko the Business

Email marketing with Luke ouko

Luke Ouko a technical director in Verve KO an information systems firm says. ‘Any corporation that wants to be able to survive the 21st century marketplace has to invest in building an email list via Email marketing with Luke ouko. This should be a consistent issue for your business site.’ Truth be told if your email

Project management by Luke ouko

Of the five major project management certifications, PMP is the most prestigious and sought after. It requires a minimum qualification of an undergraduate degree and 4500 hours of marketplace mentor ship and so is Project management by Luke ouko’ . Acquiring this certification for practice is a coveted position in the field. Like any other high-end

“How To Stand Out!” luke ouko

“With most of us working in busy, crowded offices, it is often easy to feel alienated and invisible” Luke ouko. We maybe exceptional and hit or even exceed the departmental targets yet our efforts rarely gets noticed. In this increasingly competitive workplace culture it is a necessity to get noticed. Those who get noticed can
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