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Luke Ouko a Systems Guru

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru is one of the most brilliant and articulate leaders in systems thinking. The field of IT and systems development is a fairly new phenomenon in Africa in general and Kenya in particular.  What makes it competitive and interesting is the robust growth that the fields have encountered in recent years.

luke ouko the Business consultant

The term consultant is used too often. Luke ouko the Business consultant has the skills and abilities to execute proper and profitable consulting work. Consultancy is a skill-based function that demands certain skills from the person seeking to undertake it. These are the key skills and competencies that mark a good consultant.  Luke ouko the Business

“How To Stand Out!” luke ouko

“With most of us working in busy, crowded offices, it is often easy to feel alienated and invisible” Luke ouko. We maybe exceptional and hit or even exceed the departmental targets yet our efforts rarely gets noticed. In this increasingly competitive workplace culture it is a necessity to get noticed. Those who get noticed can
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