Luke Ouko a Systems Guru

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru is one of the most brilliant and articulate leaders in systems thinking. The field of IT and systems development is a fairly new phenomenon in Africa in general and Kenya in particular.  What makes it competitive and interesting is the robust growth that the fields have encountered in recent years.

The uptake of business systems from finance to medical, SMES to transportation has proven to be fast, rabid and influential which has in turn spawned newer fields and revolutionized lots of businesses. That is why foremost system professionals like Luke Ouko a system guru have made such incredible contribution to the country’s IT as well as management infrastructure as a whole.

Education and Experience                                                                                         Luke Ouko is a Master of Science graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Information Technology. Before that he had undertaken his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Nairobi.

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru has many years of international experience working in several cities in Western Europe where he dealt with civil societies, governments, businesses and academia.  He has also worked with various agencies in the United States as well as liaising with their affiliates across the world, particularly in the Far East, Latin America and Africa.

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru has been behind some of the pioneer initiatives in technology and communications in his capacity a consultant. One of the amazing programs that he has been a part of, is the financial integration programs by east African governments particularly in Kenya. The integration has curbed inefficiencies, reduced transaction periods and enabled the tracking of financial flows.

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru Current Projects  

Luke Ouko a Systems Guru is the author of more than 20 peer reviewed academic papers in technology, financial systems and communications. His immense contribution to the field of systems technology has enabled the growth of capital inflows and financial inclusion in the African continent.

He has been a common feature in many international conferences on systems innovations and IT models, as a speaker. Luke Ouko a Systems Guru is currently a fellow on a joint research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab based in Boston, USA. His current research specializes in new generation Information Management Systems.

Innovations and Awards                                                                                               He is also running a parallel research course on the creation of semantic net based apps at the Tokyo Technology Institute in Japan. Through is incredible insights and development of new frontiers in systems thinking and IMS configurations Luke Ouko a system guru has been feted in various conferences and institutions in Europe, USA and Kenya.

He is listed among the model alumnus of MIT as well as the University of Nairobi where he regularly gives keynote speeches

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