luke ouko hard work or talent

luke ouko hard work or talent The eternal debate between talent and hard work has always spawned various kinds of perspectives. Key among them is that you have to have a potent combination of both to actually succeed. Taken singularly, talent can display day to day flashes of brilliance, but it takes hard work to deliver a consistent level of quality and output over the long haul.

Needless to say, there are many fields for which no amount of hard work can deliver without the requisite talent that defines the field. In the pursuit of results we cannot discount the elusive quality we call talent.

luke ouko hard work or talent This intuitive sense we call talent is sometimes so strong that it is able to self-propel to great success and achievement even without a commensurate level of effort and diligence.  For some, certain disposition whether it’s handling people, seeing patterns in events, or playing an instruments seem like a default position. The source of talent is never fully understood which has left experts to link it to genetics, exposure or sometimes powerful early impressions.

luke ouko hard work or talent Analyzing Hard work                                                     

luke ouko hard work or talent

luke ouko hard work or talent


luke ouko hard work or talent On the other hand the debate on hard work is the same as that of nurture vs nature. Constant practise and hard work tends to deliver long term results even for those with little talent. Practise may not make perfect as it is often claimed but it defiantly comes close to it for many.

Behavioural psychologists, among them Malcom Gladwell have estimated that it takes about 10, 000 hours for one to master a skill, talent or trade to the point of perfection. Talent may trump hard work but so far most of the great success from politics, sports, music and even business have been in the practice for nearly a decade before they become prodigies. That’s it luke ouko hard work or talent

Michael Jordan in basketball, Mozart in music, Van Gogh in art, Tiger Woods in basketball, and Yo yo ma in cello are all brilliant talents who put in remarkable hard work. Research by psychologist Anders Ericsson has proven time and again that hard work is indispensable, talent notwithstanding.

Talent and Effort                                                                                           

luke ouko hard work or talentFor every young prodigy who seemingly learned a talent in their infancy there are lots of older successes who sweated it out before becoming authorities in their fields.

Persistence, curiosity and desire are so basic as to be primary in the attainment of success in any given field. Anyone with average intelligence and maturity can learn an incredible range of skills, trades and art if they put their minds to it. It’s possible to make it through hard work without any innate talent, but it also possible not to make it even with talent, if it is not activated through effort.

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