luke ouko on Communications Relations

Everyone in some form or shape enjoys being in the social media world. Facebook has over 1.5 billion people, Whats App has 900 million and messenger has 800 million. The best place to find people and engage them then has to be on social media. So how come some firms just never seem to get it? Others don’t even show effort while a few are spectacular slops when it comes to online presence Luke ouko on Communications Relations.

Posts Without Images on social media

With most brands having some form of social media presence, it falls upon you to distinguish your brand from the thousands in the online ecosystem. The simplest way of impressing your followers is to attach high quality images on your posts. Make it a must-have for all your posts and watch engagement levels rise. Even then you have to be mindful of image rights and fair use says luke ouko on Communications Relations.

luke ouko on Communications Relations

it is a proven fact that when you post a question, the number of clicks drop by as much as 1/3 to even ½. For better engagement aim for informative, simple and prompting content. Most online users are fickle since they are faced with endless choices of navigation in the internet. You also have to watch out for slow responses. Most conversations online are open and a lot of people can see when you have poor response time. When, a response is written is just as important as what response was written says Luke ouko on Communications Relations .

luke ouko on Communications Relations

luke ouko on Communications Relations

Don’t Push Product.

Selling is a small part of the social media life. You need to be able to add value to your followers. You should spend most of your time engaging clients, responding to complaints and clarifying your corporate values. Pushing product on online is repulsive and sometimes downright annoying. Aim for the heart always, not necessarily the pockets.

Irrelevant content

When people don’t respond to your content online it is not necessarily because it was wrong, maybe you just had it out there to the wrong audience. You need to study and monitor your audience. Everyone is out here looking for something that adds value to their lives and you have to appeal to that. What may work for one group might completely flop for another Luke ouko on Communications Relations.

Misunderstanding online platforms

While everyone is on social media that doesn’t mean that they are good at handling clients online. A social media management job is a skill-based career just like any other. Dumping the social media responsibility on any intern is a recipe for brand disaster. You have to hire someone who understands how the world of online platforms operates. Invest in training them and set up metrics that you work with. Don’t gamble your online presence.

Being Uncertain About online presence can be an unnerving venture into the open unknown. If you are avoiding social media because you are queasy about the exposure then hire someone who is good at it or go for training. There are many consultants and individuals who offer online training at affordable cost. By all means don’t lose out on the power of social media.

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