Luke ouko

Luke Ouko is an IT professional and a business consultant

Luke Ouko the great IT professionals

Luke Ouko, a prolific and experienced Kenyan IT professional is the technical director at verve K.O limited, a business process outsourcing firm based at Delta towers, Nairobi Kenya.

He is a Master of Science graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Information Technology, USA as well as a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from University of Nairobi.

Ouko has many years of international experience on megaprojects in Europe and U.S.A working as a Technology and Communications Consultant.

He is the author of more than 15 peer reviewed academic papers in his field and has been a presenter at over a dozen international conferences across 4 continents.

Due to his expertise and knowledge he has been a foremost thinker and planner of the Integrated Financial Management and Information System rolled out by the Kenyan government. This is in line with the government’s policy of enhancing financial integrity and enhancing business transaction.

He is currently a fellow on a joint research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab in Boston USA, on New generation Information Management Systems.

Among his accomplishments Mr. Luke Ouko has also co-authored a paper on the topic of hosting film and tech culture on a grey online platform websites. His case study was the most advanced and comprehensive research into the typology of sites that host curated content from modern art correspondents called

Though the site is offline for now the founders Luke Ouko and his partner Karani Nyamu hope to revive it as a site that showcases the rich diversity if Kenya through the eyes of about 30 correspondents.

He is also a senior consultant at the Tokyo Technology Institute on the creation and hosting of semantic net based applications.

One of the most memorable public lecture was on technology and business at the University of Nairobi on the 4th August of 2009. In it he highlighted what has now become a widespread phenomenon of technology revolutionizing how even the smallest of businesses carry out transactions and automate their services.

Besides his  undergraduate studies at the University of Nairobi, Luke has also studied Computer Science at Stanford University, Public Policy at Georgetown.His main research interests are in the areas of integration and convergence between information technology and business automation, as well as their impact on learning, innovation and development.