Project management by Luke ouko

Of the five major project management certifications, PMP is the most prestigious and sought after. It requires a minimum qualification of an undergraduate degree and 4500 hours of marketplace mentor ship and so is Project management by Luke ouko’ .

Acquiring this certification for practice is a coveted position in the field. Like any other high-end qualification, it validate your expertise in the marketplace and earns you membership in prestigious Project management by Luke ouko’ clubs and societies. Given its position, PMP comes with lots of academic and professional privileges including opening up more avenues for career growth in ways no other certification can.

It Boosts Your Market Reach and Revenue– This is the one certification that equips you with skills that are needed and relevant in all parts of the world. It is globally recognized making it useful in expanding the pool of available employment opportunities for you.This certification will on an average boost your earing by 20% above your non-certified peers. To put this in perspective you have to keep in mind that this margin has remained consistent for decades. Most PMP certified project managers earn in the five to six figure salaries. In a field that is globally admired this certification is definitely the difference between a merely great career and a world class opportunity.

It Show Your Skill and Professionalism Project management by Luke ouko

There hasn’t been a conclusive research on the presence of a qualitative diffe

Project management by Luke ouko

Project management by Luke ouko

rence between certified and non-certified project managers. Even then, the process of acquiring a PMP certification is a testament to employers that you have the needed skills to handle huge projects well.Having PMP is evidence that you are willing to sacrifice time, skill and effort to learn and grow yourself and Project management by Luke ouko.

It Boosts Your Networks and Skill Sets-Project management by Luke ouko

When you become PMP certified it links you up with opportunities in summits and peer invitations.It creates platforms for you to meet other PMP leaders and experts in the field.It is possible to rise through the ranks while you are certified, even then at some point it becomes harder to know and plug your skills gaps if you don’t know them. Working as a non-certified project manager will only lead you to a certain level of career height before you plateau.

It Builds Respect and Marketability- This certification is your ticket to becoming a thought leader in the industry. It earns you respect and admiration from your peers.It opens up opportunities to work with clients for the mere fact that it stamps you as qualified and experienced.While market continues to take in a lot of professionals annually, few are qualified with PMP certification meaning you will always stand out.

Just like in every other field the elite workers are those who have achieved the highest level of experience, education or lucrative jobs. A PMP certification is absolutely indispensable for anyone who wants to leave a mark in the Project management by Luke ouko schemes

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